Dec 10

Addiction High

For a teen battling from addiction, graduating from high school can seem like an impossible task. For them, It is difficult to concentrate on school work when they are dealing with the emotional stress that comes from drug use. On a daily basis they are experiencing fighting with friends and family, getting into trouble with the law, or even facing the possibility of overdosing. These factors added up make it difficult to make school a priority and can ruin their chances of moving on to have a successful life.

Addiction can be a frightening experience. Not only for the addicted person, but also for the loved ones in their lives. They are faced with the stress and anguish of trying to help someone who may not want help and who fights to stay high. It can be torture to watch someone they love destroy their lives and futures by getting sent to jail, rehab, or the hospital over and over again. They wake up each day terrified of what the day could bring, and if their loved one is still alive.

One woman shares her story dealing with her teenage son battling with addiction, and the turmoil that they both faced. It demonstrates that although times may be difficult there is help out there and people who care. There is a chance at sobriety and to achieve the goals that at once seemed impossible.