Jun 26

Urban Outfitters Crosses the Line with Pens Resembling Hypodermic Needles

irst it was the marijuana cook book and games for “stoners”, then the t-shirts promoting underage drinking and who can forget the flasks and glasses made to resemble prescription drug bottles? Now Urban Outfitters, the retail store popular with young teens, is at it again but have they crossed the line? To promote their new partnership with a salon called Hairroin, Urban Outfitters gave away promotional pens made to resemble hypodermic needles at their newest flagship store in New York City.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that the move has angered some New Yorkers who find the giveaways offensive and distasteful. CADCA couldn’t agree more. That’s why CADCA Chairman and CEO, Gen. Arthur T. Dean, wrote a letter to Urban Outfitters President and CEO Richard Haynes asking that they stop making light of drug use, especially when rates of heroin-related overdose rates are on the rise in the New York region.

“At a time when our nation is facing an increase of heroin users, particularly among young adults aged 18-25, and many regions, including the New York area, are seeing heroin epidemics, giving out pens that resemble hypodermic needles is irresponsible and unacceptable. Not only does it send the wrong message to young people, who frequent your store, it also makes light of a serious problem that is killing both young and old every day,” said CADCA’s Gen. Dean said in his letter.

In the letter, CADCA asks that Urban Outfitters stop making light of a serious public health problem and discontinue giving away these pens or any products that promote or glamorize drug or alcohol use.

If you agree that this latest move is unacceptable and reprehensible, write a letter on behalf of your coalition to Urban Outfitters expressing your outrage. Feel free to use CADCA’s letter as a template.

Here’s the address you can send your letters to:
Mr. Richard Hayne
President and CEO
Urban Outfitters
5000 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19112

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