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Sep 12

DEA Announces Final Regulations That Expand Options for Safely Disposing of Prescription Drugs

Unwanted, unused and expired prescription drugs can now be safely disposed of in pharmacies and other locations,  thanks to expanded regulations by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced this week. The regulations will take effect on October 9. The DEA’s Final Rule for the Disposal of Controlled substances, which implements the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act …

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Aug 08

Lawmakers Call on FDA to Help Limit Youth Access to E-cigarettes

Thirteen Members of Congress this week called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take immediate action to protect young people from predatory e-cigarette marketing and distribution tactics. According to the journal Pediatrics, the number of children aged 12 to 17 years exposed to e-cigarette marketing increased by 256 percent between 2011 and 2013. …

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Jul 02

Special Two-Part Briefing on E-Cigarettes: Part I

Provided by:    Office of National Drug Control Policy E-Devices and e-liquids are techy and trendy and are perceived as safer than traditional cigarettes by some      E-cigarettes and vapor pens are battery-powered vaporizers that heat liquid nicotine (aka e-liquid, e-juice, or smoke juice) to a temperature that causes the liquid to vaporize; the vapor is …

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Jun 27

Study Finds More Drivers Testing Positive for Prescription Drugs, Marijuana and Multiple Drugs

The profile of a drugged driver has changed substantially since 1993, according to a new study released this week in the journal Public Health Reports, which shows that more drivers are now testing positive for prescription drugs, marijuana and multiple drugs. “While we’ve seen a decrease over the years in motor vehicle fatalities involving people under the influence, …

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Jun 26

Urban Outfitters Crosses the Line with Pens Resembling Hypodermic Needles

irst it was the marijuana cook book and games for “stoners”, then the t-shirts promoting underage drinking and who can forget the flasks and glasses made to resemble prescription drug bottles? Now Urban Outfitters, the retail store popular with young teens, is at it again but have they crossed the line? To promote their new partnership with a salon called …

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Apr 03

Calif. lawmaker wants drug makers to pay for disposal sites – SF Chronicle

By: Stephanie Lee Pharmaceutical companies would have to pay for the disposal of all unused medicines sold in California under a state bill modeled after an Alameda County program. The legislation is attempting to curb problems such as prescription drug abuse and accidental poisonings by requiring drug manufacturers to create, carry out and pay for a …

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